Sunday, April 22, 2012

Days of the Week

Monday Day of the Moon
Tuesday Day of Tyr
Wednesday Day of Odin (Woden or Wotan) 
Thursday Day of Thor
Friday Day of Freyja
Saturday Day of Saturn
Sunday Day of the Sun

You thought Christians opposed Paganism..? Then why are these the days of the week of the Gregorian Calendar approved by the Pope.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Blogs!

Guys 'n gals (however few you are, that follow this blog,) this site has just been divided into a diverse set of streams, each catering to a particular section of the audience this mess of a site was covering...

Remenissions: will now be only for my thoughts and opinions on the world around me.

Life in Binary: will be content for the tech savvy.

Vox Intus: is for the articles straight from within xD

A little further down the line, I would be splitting Remenissions into a site having Artwork and Photography, and one having my opinions on general things...

This is a major change for me, and I hope to have as many followers in the upcoming sites as I have now..