Friday, September 24, 2010

Review: Wolf’s Rain - 4/5

Wolfs Rain DVD
“I tell you now the words of Red Moon.  From the Great Spirit was born the Wolf, and Man became his messenger. The Beast lives his life in silence abiding where the blessing of the blood of the Gods bestowed upon him. The White Flower, after winning the favor of the lord of the night will share her scent. Preordained and eternal in countenance, her form is of a lily white supple Maiden. She distills and condenses all of time until it becomes a precious frozen mass. Only then will appear the wretched beast.” - Book of the Moon
Ever come across a series full of clichéd characters? The ever-determined, focused & righteous leader, the bad-guy-turned-good, the ever-hungry fat ass womanizer, or the kid who thinks he’s a big guy? Well, those are the four main protagonists of Wolf’s Rain; yet somehow, the show manages to hold the audience—not tightly gripped to the seats, but enough to stick along till the end. Oh yes, there are 2 ends—one after 26 episodes (because of Production Delay), and another after the 4 OVAs (the True End). While it is a good series, and a must watch for people who want something serious, I would advise against watching it just for pleasure—that beats the basic purpose of the series (then again, what’s ‘deep’ for one maybe fairly basic stuff for another.)