Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bleach 353 - The Ashes

Courtesy: OneManga

A beautiful scene from the Bleach Manga (353 - The Ashes)

Here's an excerpt to help those who are totally lost (^_^)
During a speech to Orihime, he claims he does not believe in human emotions, which he refers to as the "heart", reasoning that if his eye cannot see them, then they do not exist. These words, and much of Ulquiorra's overall behavior, can lead one to assume that he is a firm believer in the concept of materialism, which also connects to his aspect of death as an Espada, nihilism. In the last seconds of his life, he seemed to have finally found his own "heart" and understood feelings.
- Bleach Wiki 
This is not the first time that Ulquiorra is stunned by Orihime's fearlessness. His final words, in response to this are beautiful.
"What is it? If I tear open your chest, will I see it in inside? If I shatter your skull, will I see it in there? You damn humans speak so easily of it... Almost as if...
I see.. This.. Yes.. This thing in my hand.. Is the heart?"

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ah.. This Feeling

I'm seldom affected by emotions. But what a day it has been. A ton of misery flavored with a sprinkle of joy. Hehe. And here I thought a 9+ would please me. How wrong I was. In the end, I'm just too depressed because I've completed the Bleach anime (till episode 264). It was amazing while it lasted. And yet I'm miserable now. Wondering when the series will continue. Praying for the next episode to be released!

The music, animation and storyline, all blend to a perfect mix. It's left me waiting for more. A 264 episode saga, waiting to take another step next week, and then yet another the next. On and on, to catch up with the manga. I'll start with the manga tomorrow. But what will I do when even that gets over.

Well, that was about the ton of misery. Now the only bit of joy in the whole day was my result. While it was ok, and I would've been glad if it were some other day, today was just not the time for it. It lightened me for 5 minutes (and thats what a semester of work comes down to!) and then I was right back to pining for more Bleach.

PS: I'm just too miserable right now. For some, it brings out the best in them. But for me, it's just ruins my english. I might go about correcting it later. Or maybe not.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sleeper SUX

It does.. I'm nevr gonna travel in sleeper again if I can help it. The people there suck. The environment sucks too. It was a horrible trip to get back home. But I'm fine now. And All's well that ends well. More on this when I get time. I'm too busy watchin Bleach right now (episode 221, here I come ^_^)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


End Semesters are finally here.. (from tomorrow, 10/05/10, to be specific) Won't be posting very often. And I'm sure won't be getting any visits either, whether I post or not :S
Did some interesting stuff yesterday. Will post about it later.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Awesome Music: Bleach OST 1

Some of the best Music I've heard in a long while. Bleach OST 1. I've listed all the songs, along with my opinion on the song. Good and Awesome rated songs are a must-download. Most of the good ones are Track 15+

  1. On the Precipice of Defeat - Interesting
  2. ~asterisk~ (ost version.)
  3. Comical World - Interesting
  4. Oh So Tired - Good
  5. Head in the Clouds - Interesting
  6. Ditty for Daddy
  7. Creeping Shadows - Good
  8. Raw Breath of Danger
  9. Enemy Unseen - Good
  10. Will of the Heart - Interesting
  11. Requiem for the Lost Ones - Good
  12. Nothing Can Be Explained (vocal version.) - Interesting
  13. Burden of the Past - Interesting
  14. Destiny Awaits
  15. Catch-22 - Awesome

Nothing can hurt more...

Not much stuff can hurt more than hearing something like...
We're really not meant to be
I wish you'd never known me
Your life would've been much simpler
'N mine, peaceful...

You used to make me smile each morning
Now, you make me cry each morning
Two statements that are a perfect epilogue for what has been going on the past one month. I'm gonna immortalize this day by putting this in the blog. Someday, years from now, maybe I'd look through my posts n find this again. I hope my reaction then won't be even more pain. And maybe someday, in the midst of all that, I'd look through my chats, and see if what I'd said was any better.

Ah. People. Be careful of falling in love. It's the best thing that can happen when you're in the thing. But trust me, it's not so good once it's over.

And that was just one of the many things. Sometimes I wonder how we can hurt someone and claim that we still love them. What kind of an epic prank is that? More pain, more misery, more fighting, all in the name of love. Yet life goes on. Reminding you time and again of the things you had, and those that you didn't. To a conclusion still unknown.

PS: All those jerks who asked, "Aaj tu jaa nahi raha hai?" have stopped existing for me. And that's a lot of people. It's surprising. It takes 5 days for news to spread when people start going out. And yet, even a month cannot throw light on a breakup.

(edit: 10/07 2010) We got together again. I guess the news hadn't spread cuz we hadn't truly broken up. Love is strange indeed.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Strange? Not really...

Yeah.. I was wondering. No internet for a day, and visits per day drop from 100+ per day to less than 30... Or is it 'cuz of the practical exams that started from today?

Well anyways, its just going to drop further as I won't be posting too much new stuff for the next two weeks... Photoshop and Sketching will have to wait. And so will the bits of poems I've been trying to put together (My first try at it since 8th or something.) I wasn't bad at them then, and think I should fare pretty well even now. :D

Hmm. I had OS pracs today. To cut the long story short (really short), it was BAD. Managed to do the code (I've not had a problem with coding for almost 8 years now :|) but the viva sucked. Need I say more?

See ya people in some 14 days.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bleach Quotes

Its amazing. An anime thats so completely grounded in fantasy can teach you so much. Of course a lot of them make sense only in the context. But there are many which are true in life. These are some of the quotes from Bleach Season 1 (Zangetsu Unleashed), Season 2 (The Entry) and Season 3 (The Rescue):

  • Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding - Aizen Sosuske
  • Don’t use other people as an excuse to kill yourself - Urahara Kisuke
  • Remember this well. There are 2 types of fights and we must know the difference when we engage ourselves to battle. To protect life and the fight to protect pride... If you interfere in the latter, you kill the person's pride - Ukitake Juushiro
  • Don’t use such strong words, it only makes you look weak - Aizen Sosuske
  • When two powerful forces collide, the one that pushes less gets hurt - Zaraki Kenpachi
  • Anger can dull the blade - Grand Fisher
  • I wasn't able to be Number 1, but I never thought "I shouldn't have tried." Even if it doesn't turn out well, there are things you can't understand till you try your best.

Latest Scans: Sakai

Hey guys. Here's one of my favorite sketches. You can probably make out because its the second scan of the same pic (no, actually the first one was a cam shot.) I drew it sometime in 11th Grade. And guess what. I took time off early morning to photoshop it too :D