Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to blogger!

the port to wordpress dint work that well.. not well at all actually! i thot id be able to hav a fully customizd site.. n i was wrong!! so wrong! can barely do a thing without ettin an actual server to host all the stuf! n a domain.. n wat nots.. n obv not fr free :|

so m back here, n glad to be :D had a really great day! il tel later.. if i get time :)


Monday, August 17, 2009


it was a weird start to the day.. most unusual.. lets see how it progresses.. woke up at abt 0530, n then again at about 0550.. was nice to get the routine startd again :) got class at 1100.. gues il study whn the light goes.. that wud be an hour i gues..
bb fr now

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ported the blog to wordpress.. c ya thr i hope...


Saturday, August 15, 2009

How do i make myself study?!

its the gravest of the many troubles i'm facing.. and i really have to do something about it.. even a goddamn timetable dint really work :'( n exams comin up in a week!! oh damn.. m so worried abt it i forgot to say! Happy Independence Day!! n thats abt all the patriotism u can expect from me :| they wer playin bloody old songs that i used to hav to hear in DD1 back in the days when we dint have cable at home :| it was so annoyin... right from bloody midnight :|

more later...


Friday :| one waste of a day.. got up late.. slept late.. dint study.. played NFS MW (n have got all the blacklist cars till Baron.. thats 6 if ur counting xD) n then read a bit of stuf..well.. yeah.. gues been readin a lot! but then, what do i have to do besides that! went for dinner.. Chinese :| well it was nice enough.. plus two cold coffees to ensure i sleep late again :D

Karjan Bridge

great day!! thats all there is to say about this.. we had a wonderful time at the ashram, and then went around the river bank, n across the tracks.. got some pics to show off too :D left sometime after class.. first registered for TLB.. that part was really annoying, but thannkfully i dint get any probs like not havin a proper i-card or a lib. card :D maybe it was cuz of shubro.. no idea..

yah.. so.. we left around 1700.. and wer back only at 2000 :D almost 3 hrs.. wer in the ashram (actually just went to the temple) about half an hr.. then left exploring for a way to the river.. it was DIRTY.. the Ganges smell of rotten eggs :| i cudnt believe it.... but it did..

then i came up with this interestin (opinions may vary from person to person) idea of walkin across the railway bridge.. the tracks really wernt that clean.. shudve thought of that before we'd started.. but silly me.. never realised.. we even had a train crossin us around midway!! it was just awesome (minus all dirt on the tracks) but we dint do much on the other side.. just found a way back xD

the return was just ok.. went off to the road+ped bridge.. wer already gettin late, n wasnt really safe.. i dint evn kno the place properly.. n since i was headin the trip, i decided to turn back in a hurry.. just had some stuff on the way.. nothin really interestin in the reutrn trip...

n then had a VERY strong cold coffee.. it was enough to keep me awake till 3.. besides other things :) n that was just about it.. n my first post with pics in it i think...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dept. Fresher


my chat with Nina reminded me of some thing.. n i've decided.. I will never be old :)

i hate tuesdays :(

Tuesday :(( its just annoying to have 2 hr sessions all the way from 9 in the morning to 1830 in the evening :(( just too annoying.. n pissin off too sometimes x(

but gues wat! it was totally different this time :D all the classes wer cut short, n the classes ended by 1630.. n went for a long walk about 1820.. it was nice.. specially as it had just rained.. but then the walking part dint really work out as i had a slight headache n hmm.. yeah my leg was hurtin n i was exhausted.. so i gues i just ended up sitting around.. n comin back eventually..

CN was interesting.. but kinda saddening too.. the sir seemed really contained after what had happened last class :( all thats to stupid saima x( (um.. yeah i gues thr wer a few guys involved too, but im not goin into the details.. like some sir used to say..) i wonder if hes gonna giv me a project.. n yeah! The tripathi guy said he'd approve a project on a Text-Editor.. so i think i'm gonna give it a shot! :)

had the interview rounds of the GS internship today :( i hate talkin abt this.. well anyway, noone really made it.. its weird.. i mean if they wer gonna check the papers, they cud well have put the cutoff at 6.. i gues i wud atleast kno whr i stand then.. shubham said the interview round was pretty basic..

hmm.. that dance guy had come.. wanted me to tune his guitar.. thts kinda why i posted without completing :S

well yeah.. so here i am again.. posting one day late.. shud not really come as a surprise anymore xD talked to nina quite a few times today.. hope she does well.. i mean shes gona go away from home for days at a time for the first time in her life i gues. hope her mom's ok with it, n that she can find time to call me as often as she does, n that she can come online, to update the blog if nothing else.. but she hasnt evn commented on my last few posts :(

well anyway.. gues i shud move on to today's post :P

Monday, August 10, 2009

Depressed n me?

hehe... yeah, maybe.. lets see if i can get wireless workin first... if so, i'l continue with this post :D

interesting day indeed.. we had tut at 1200.. it will be shifted soon enough i hope.. n then we'l have mondays free every week.. its really nice! we get a buffer period go wake up n get back to studies.. after those amazing weekends.. but then again, thats for most other people :D i got stuff all over saturdays.. n sundays arent really free either xD

pracs wer annoyin.. the stupid ma'm dint let us go till 1830! i mean wats with her!! i fshe wants to take class, fine.. but she really shudnt make us have to sit it out like that! anyway, i got all the programs workin.. straight off copy n paste frm different sites.. told ma'm i did 2.. i dun kno, ppl really hadnt done too many, n i dont know how the other two worked, so i gues i jst thot it wud be better to avoid sayin id done it...

yay! it worked, n i got ccproxy for meself.. :D well, GS is gonna come for internship selections.. i wih i had made the cutoff :'( its jst too high for losers like me.. i mean it isnt that high, but then i gues i never really evn tried to study.. n i dont think its getting better..

lemme not bore u with this crap talk.. :D wat wil come wil come, n il have to face it when it does... il just manage fine enough for now.. piyush had come arnd, talkin abt it.. hehe.. i told him maybe 4 yrs frm now, we'd be managing some section of that.. n not workin as labourers under one :D

wel anyway.. m gona go study now.. hope ppl wil see this update eventually.. n not think ive stopped updatin altogethr.. im back.. like i said i wud.. ;)


well.. i dun kno whr to begin.. all i can say is that it was a great day :D correction: amazing day..

we had this gnosio presentation :| yeah.. i dun usually giv a damn.. but i gues it was quite good.. the teaser was jst amazing.. (yeah i kno, its just an audio loop, n some well placed pics.. but the way he's presented it was really good.. n i gues my sites fine enuff.. not bad i gues..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i won't see you tonight :'(
till sunday night wud be a more appropriate thing to say...

PS: postal strike wud hav been more appropriate xD

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


the only thing i seem to hav done today is write stuff n update my blog.. sad life really :(

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday again! yay!!

hehe.. this is probably the first day tht i've startd writin with my personal section before the blog entry.. it was a pretty good day! got quite a few things right, not that they wer not.. i mean, i had lunch n dinner from the mess! my stomachs perfectly alright now! i ate a lot of junk in the snack time too.. my appetities back :D

yeah.. so, the day started with me gettin up around 0600 i gues :S maybe 0630.. n went all the way til midnight and beyond :D hmm.. yes.. i had quite a bit to write in the morning! well, actually just about 4 pages.. 4 programs with all their associated comments :| and explanations.. that prac guy is such a loser!! hehe.. and rathore was pissed off about me not havin a class till 11, which has also been shifted hopefully to friday second half! what a perfect monday!! so well, i completed the writin part around 9 or somethin, had bf, and thn dunno, read something i gues.. somehow the time passed n it was class time :)

pom tut :( well, dunno.. somehow the teacher managed to wipe that off my face and put a wide grin on it by the end.. yeah i thought it was another vacant, as ma'm hadnt come till 1110.. but i was wrong! she did turn up.. n i dint have a good feelin about it in the beginning.. she distributed this report and asked us to do a case study! some wierd thing about a food product company that tries to please its employees and fails to do so.. n we wer asked to giv reasons why.. it wasnt that hard to figure out.. that just took about 15 mins or so.. n then she asks us to giv a presentation.. nilesh volunteers.. and since she needed two, she suggestd that she cud lend her notes for it.. hemant jummped at that... they blabbed on for a while.. n she gave 'em a 2 mark reward at the end of it x( i was shocked.. i was gona go for it myself!! n then she suddenly says, who wants to try for another 2!! i jump at the opportuninty.. cuz i am really not so into public speakin.. n i wanted to get rid of the fear! and i will... eventually.. there is nothin to fear afterall :D

me n raunak go for it.. and we get some wierd topic on the four main features of management :| it was weird :S i took the last two points ( management as a group of managers, and as a discipline) raunak was so into the topic the class seemd to get into the mood, n vibrate with interst :D n then i come in xD i took it through thoroughly and slowly.. infact, ppl we tellin me i was as boring as all those professors here xD hehe, but atleast i dint stutter n stumble my way through it.. n i linked so much crap to make sense! the teacher was confused at one point xD anyway.. it got over.. eventually.. to a scatterd applause.. lol

then it was the lunch break :D i ate in the mess after so long.. n the food was pathetic.. but then i have stopped expectin tooo much from there... n then somehow passed two hrs.. chatting i gues.. class was thr from 1630 to 1830.. n that teach is so annoyin.. doesnt leave us b4 1800!!! in prac after 1730!! so annoyin! wel, anyway.. the pracs are startin to get to a whole new level... i have to think of somethin to get back to it.. wel anyway, as all things in life, it gets over.. atleast i'd got good seats :)

hehe.. then i was back to my room at about 1840.. i was stumped at how it was so late in the night... but i gues it was interesting.. thn we studied till abt 2010 i gues.. thn i gues i went for dinner.. was back about 2045.. and studied a bit till 2200! lot of studying already.. then started writin a prac into the night.. was done about 0015? i gues.. n then some more time chatting away.. finally slept.. n i dun remember when xD

UM Treat

Sunday the 2nd xD
hmm.. i have way too much to write about this day.. but gues wat! the post is gonna be quite tiny :P na.. on second thought, the post will be about 1/3rd the size of the actual entry.. cuz i am gonna write about one of the less personal things that happened today.. and it was quite a good one at that..

the morning was great.. its fun to wake up early on sundays :) fully utilise a holiday ;) hmm.. so i gues the day started pretty early.. and went on late into the night.. and quite late into it i gues.. i jst asked ppl.. it is tuesday :D n i dont really remmebr about wat happend 2 days back.. yeah... seems like i slept at about 2300.. dun remember.. cant trust the sources :|

so lets come right down to one of the highlights of the day.. saurabh's treat :D it was at UM.. 4+3 as ppl wud put it xD wel, yeah.. i gues it was fun.. but truly speakin, that wudnt be the word i'd use to describe it.. it was interesting id say xD i mean it mustve been great for the b'day boy xD

almost as an afterthought, id like to say noone was really enjoyin over there xD not serious fun anyway.. jst had a good time.. n almost all wer veggies.. so thr wasnt evn a point in goin to UM.. anshuls jst desperate to eat it, so he had a bit.. i gues i shudnt really be sayin too much about this.. it wasnt really my treat... but yes again i managed to avoid comin in almost all the pics :D then only one i came in in the UM one was the one in which we 4 guys had to sit together..

anyway... il tell abt the treat in detail i gues.. dunno.. suddenly feel like it :D im havin this annoyin replay conversation of thursday night.. or so i feel.. so i gues il just aswell try to drown out the sound with itunes+typing :) n its working :D so yeah.. lets get on right to it.. we left from the hostel somewhere around 1730.. saurabh's masterplan at work.. he asks the guys to get ready at 1700 and the girls to be ready by 1730 :| and by the time we wer actually done with the "getting ready" part.. it was around 1745.. left then... reached UM around 1815 i gues.. megha said somethin abt me sittin as if i dint giv a damn about wat was goin on xD how right she was.. wonder if shed know.. hehe

now, second part of the treat: we get to UM :D yeah.. n then saima suddenly has to go send some courier :| somehow dint seem like thats what she'd gone to do.. and she comes back with a cake xD rohit seemd to have predicted it.. anyway that seemd to have made saurabhs day :) good for him id say.. then the cake cutting ceremony :| i dint take part in it at all.. the ppl wer quite shocked :| yeah whtevr :| i hate kiddish stuff like that.. we'd came to rediscover the fact that we cant order meals before 1900 there while saima was nt around.. so jst went fr soup.. n waited till then.. i jst had fun observin.. dint say much :D

third part: foods ther :D we go right down to it.. hav a nice time.. i mean the dinner was all good.. a bit expensive n not the usual indian stuff we get, but nothin extravagant.. quite fillin.. i ended up eatin saima's part too.. she was too stuffed after half a piece of chicken steak (pronounced stake, as she corrected me) :| so well, there i was.. eating a lot :| and givin rohit a chance to cheapshot me: "pata nahi chalta hai par yeh bahut khata hai sala.." :| n that was at about 1930..

the girls wer almost hysterical by the time we left xD stupid rule of havin to get in by 2030 xD n theyr in a jail xD so cool.. they cud add 4 yrs house arrest into their CVs xD well anyway.. i gues the trip back in the auto was spent with thm whining abt gettin back.. got thr with 5 mins to spare :D so had an interesting photoshoot... i make a guest appearance inthose i gues..

n that was one of the three events i was gonna talk about.. rest is not for ur eyes xD

Joined TIME CAT-10 Batch

yeah.. more on this later..

Nesci Treat :D

saurabhs treat at nesci