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How to Improve Your IQ

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IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It basically measures your intelligence - in other words, how smart you are. There are several types of intelligence; not just your typical school/education related material. While IQ is generally thought to be innate, there are things you can do that may improve your IQ score.


  1. Read! Read and read some more! Yes, this is first because in order to improve your IQ you must read. But before you reach out for that worn out paperback (a story you've read a million times) read a new book, a book from a completely different genre than what you're used to. You usually read mystery? Good, now, go ahead and read some comedy. Only fiction? Go grab a biography. Read everything and anything (this includes articles, news stories, and magazines.)
  2. Drop your stereotypes about learning. For example, do away with the idea that old dogs can't learn new tricks. Sure, it will likely take more time to learn when you are older, but that is no reason to stop learning.
  3. Try writing with your opposite hand. Some people claim that if you write with your opposite hand then your IQ goes up, because your brain is not used to writing with that other hand and is forced to work harder. However, if you're ambidextrous, that's great. Try writing with both hands at once, and try writing different things with different hands at once. You can also try using different hand for using the mouse. Doing that will stimulate the other side of your brain to work.
  4. Remember the motto: Write, don't type. Thinking about emailing your aunt that thank-you note? Forget it, write it out by hand instead. This will increase your writing speed, which is useful in any case. Besides, typing will only use your left hand 56% of the time... when using both hands, at least.
  5. Play video games. However, attempt to play a game that is out of your usual range of choices. It will help you think differently. Look for games that provide you with problems to solve or force you to think quickly.

    • Scientific studies have shown that playing the popular game Tetris leads to more efficient brain activity; as players become more proficient at the game, their brains show a reduced consumption of glucose (the body's main fuel). This intense scientific study supports this theory. - Actually the conclusions of this study point out that glucose consumption is reduced when learning has taken place. This would be expected as when a person becomes more proficient in any activity, the effort required decreases.

  6. Work on cryptology. This is when a message is written in codes and you try to figure it out. It's challenging for some, but after a while may even become enjoyable.
  7. Practice crosswords and sudoku. These activities stimulate your mind and thought processes. People normally don't consider word searches thought-provoking, but if practiced in addition to other mind games, they could prove to be easy and stimulating.
  8. Do logic and lateral thinking puzzles. These help your brain think outside the box and solve problems in different ways.
  9. Take a weekly IQ test and record your results. If you would like to view your improvements, consider placing the results on a line graph using excel or another graph-compatible program.(See external links for a free, tested online IQ test).
  10. Listen to classical music. The Mozart effect suggests that by listening to classical music, a short-term improvement is induced on the performance of certain tasks. Gradually, this may have a somewhat long-term effect.
  11. Google Eureka Method, be patient... most over all have fun with it ! Good luck !


  • Eat brain food. Fish is one but avoid those -such as Tuna ( a'bottom feeder' and which also lives to old ages)is not recommended, as it contains a high amount of mercury. Also try an Omega 3 or fish oil supplement.
  • Exercise. This increases blood flow to the brain-resulting also in increased thought/memory.
  • Forget. Yes-you read that right. You need to get rid of unnecessary info in your brain sometimes to make room. This is also where sleeping comes in handy. Forget the day and rest your brain.
  • Practice doing a Rubik's Cube. Yes, this WILL increase your IQ.
  • Play games like chess and crossword puzzles. They help you to think and it can be fun at the same time.
  • Take nice, slow deep breaths when you are in thought.
  • Also no thinking about things too hard.
  • Do cardiovascular exercise and cut down on fatty foods to circulate the blood flow to your brain.


  • Don't ever think that there isn't a way to remember something. We have a lot to work with. Not only that, but there are several types of memory aid techniques and strategies.

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