Thursday, July 30, 2009

so annoyin

omg.. backlog of 3 days again :|

prediction: today will be spent updating the blog


haha.. one boring day! i mean it ws fine, but nt anywhr near yesterday... n i was quite unwell and dint go to class in the first half cuz of that.. was feeling totally exhausted.. cudnt evn move..

somehow managed to avoid talkin abt it wit my parents :D went in the second half tho.. dunno hw i managed to sit thru the class! n thn those idiots made me go to TIME!! i was so tired and weak, n my stomach all hurtin.. but i went :) n i liked the class i suppose :) the class went on til 9 or somethin.. then we went to mcD n had a few burgers :S i wasnt sure if i cud do that.. but i did.. :) n it was fine enough :D came back arnd 11 i gues.. i got an ecard in the evening :) it was wonderful, prob one of the best i've got!!

it was jst me piyush nirmal n saurabh to TIME.. n the classes was pretty interesting.. everythin goin at our pace! saurabh had some stupid doubt in QA (its quantitative aptitude, not analysis).. or wat we thought was stupid.. it was over a maharaja mac in mcD that he properly managed to explain his stupid doubt, n turns out he was actually right xD the DI/LR was easy.. i actually did the q :D im awesome.. but then thr was never a doubt in that :)

piyush n nirmal discussed the paper later on i gues.. i dint.., was jst too tired.. no way i cud! i mean i hadnt evn gone to class in the morning.. anyway.. exhausting day from the start to the end..

came online in the night.. chatted a few hours.. na, jst an hour or so i gues.. then slept off.. a perfectly dreamless sleep again :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hmm.. need to get a life :(

bloody gnosiomania meeting :| really.. i was so determined to not go for it (i was unwel, incase u dint know) i mean id even bunked first half for it :S luckily only one tutorial class, n ma'm dint come :D so no attendance lost :) n in the end, that makes all the difference in the world!

well anyway, i had an average time.. neerav and sowmeshwar wer there.. neerav a bit unexpected :S wel anyway, i gues i gota do somethin about the website n the teaser site... n fast :S and i dont even have time for regular stuff :( havnt evn been on the fone too long these days.. n i got so much to write in the effin blog posts that im evn messing up the tense :S this is really gettin too much.. maybe i shud reduce the stuf i write.. wel anyway, went to sac aftr the meetin.. dint much tho.. i mean im tryin to reduce the amount im eatin from outside.. that includes the mess :| so in other words, ive eaten like nothing :D n dont plan to.. i mean ive always believed i can manage for days wihout eatin.. lets see exactly how long :D

besides wht ive mentioned, i dont gues i've really done much.. i mean i think i was kinda sleepy that day.. if i wasnt, i dont care.. i mean i cant really bother enuf to see the chatlog :|

so thats it fr today.. no content in this.. none at all :S

hehe.. nothin done.. another day gone past

Tuesday :)

one of the best days i had in a while.. hehe.. truly speakin the past few days have been good, but each day keeps getting better.. i have no regrets n am glad to be able to say that.. got TIME classes tomorrow... its been very hard to find free evenings.. and i can say ive finally found one.. :) had a stomach upset.. n its stil on... so no food the whole day (pretty much). was a pretty hectic day.. with classes all the way from 0900 to 1830.. but im glad the sir left us early :) then was the best part of the day :) thats all im sayin in here :P

n yeah, nothr important thing this day was the short talk by V Mansingh, VP, Dell India Op. it was very very good, and inspiring :) il be wrintin more on that soon...

Monday, July 27, 2009

sunday!! (26/07)

that was annoying :| i mean i've been tryin to post my entry since 2100 or something :| the powercut was so annoying! if they wanted to make me suffer, atleast they could have done it in a go.. n not try killin me softly x( bringin it back some 3 times for about 5 mins each x( wel atleast it is on now (2350) :D

no clas in the morning tomorrow so i can take my time today :D im havin a weird somach upset.. its been tuning in and out (xD) for a week now xD hehe.. so strange! but i gues itl be alright soon enough..

hmm.. so.. sunday huh! someone managed to get away today also! surprising! some bloody treat.. i thot of goin to maikhana... n thn dint :D orderd from dominos instead.. whew! that was one heavy dinner.. one medium cheese burst :D and calzone and coke, after havin eatin half fries in the evening :D i really can eat a lot whn i have to :)

talked to piyush and nirmal abt some extra studyin.. debate is ripe on joinin TIME or CL.. personally, as i said, im more for TIME :)

where was i the whole morning?! i have absolutely no recollection :S anyway i do remember i went to get books around 5.. i think i woke up late.. around 11 today :S that really doesnt leave scope for much to do before the evening :S wel anyway, an average day to say the least.. fig'd out some things, and have to figure out a lot more..

but in the end, practising what i preach, i'm ending the day on a high note :D and have absolutely no regrets

Sunday, July 26, 2009

gotcha xD

hmm.. its kinda hard for someone like me to remember what id done a whole 3 days back.. hehe.. yeah, id made this post 2 days back so that the date wudnt get too much out of sync :D

wel, this was a hectic day.. went wit bharat to get books, but that endeavour failed miserably! went arnd 2, and the shop apparently closes from 1330 to 1530! n i had to go fr TIME CAT programme from 1600.. so i lefft hostel around 1520. but, for what should be no surprise to you, i got late! we were about 20 mins late.. had two VA/EU classes :) they were pretty good, but considerin i'd done JEE course from TIME too, you cant expect my opinion to be unbiased.. but i missed something very important because of the class.. then we had dinner at Friends!! i mean after all i've heard about the place, i never thought i'd go there, but there i was, eatin away.. n really, it wasnt that bad! got back into the hostel around 11 i gues..had an interesting chat with Piyush! i mean i'm surprised i've somehow earned his trust.. but anyway, glad to have done so :)

i gues il be updating this again, if i ever do remember what else i'd done..

the day before :|

another better than average day :D had 2 vacants n 1 2hr lecture cancelled :D the first half was really good :) i like neeraj tyagi :) hes nice, n so is the subj! one a+ spotted.. pom next.. hehe! what do i say! had another kinda heavy lunch... then had this ma lecture.. the guys really gettin to me! i mean 2 effing diagrams! and that too thanks to saurabh! x( wel atleast ppl had a good time laughing :D

came back at 1530 :D then had stuff to do, but dint do anythin thanks to hemant :| i gues il have to do the dhobi act tomorrow! n then this gnosio meeting :| such a pain.. i mean if thrs somethin actually comin out of it, it wud be fine... but no! we jst go for chitchat n come back.. anyway piyush found out about the TIME's CAT course.. demo class tomorrow :D lets see how good these guys are.. wel the only high this day was varshas treat i gues.. na it was fun annoyin stuti in the meetin too:D the wet t-shirt thing, n the drugs and beer thing xD wel anyway, after the meetin i went out fr dinner.. thanks to bharat :D hes so nice! i mean i've never goine with him jst cuz he wantd company :S but then, i gues he doesnt really need it.. i jst get bored eating alone :| rested a bit after dinner.. tried doin stuf, n nothin worked out.. eventualy jst went to sleep.. not before a few calls though.. :) talked to my dad too somewhr in between all that :D wel then, i gues this is the first blog entry whr im not skipin anythin :D c ya again tomorrow :)

anyway.. 2 day lag huh! wonder if im in a diff time-zone :P

3 days back!!

another good day :) hehe.. really my attempt is working, or so i feel.. classes are gettin interesting but annoying at the same time :| i mean who gives entire chapters to read before the lecture as an asgnment?! had 2 pracs and 3 lectures i think.. dun really remember :D but it was fine anyway.. good nuff.. did all the unpacking and stuf.. i shud have helpd rathore more with it, but i never really could.. and we wer spotted yesterday xD i dont think anyone can make any sense out of this :D or so i hope.. xD

Friday, July 24, 2009

what a day!

wel yeah it was a loooonng one if nothing else... a lot of things happend today, starting in the morning at 3.. na, kinda before 3.. n yeah, i hadnt slept til 1, so yeah that was a day with jst 2 hrs sleeping... but it was nice.. had highs and lows.. cloud9 highs and rockbottom lows, but in the end, like i have started to believe, its best to end the day on a happy note, no matter what happens through it.. and thats what i've done :D

wel, to anyone intersted in jst the summary, thats it.. for anyone else, thats just it :) rest goes into my personal diary..

things of note:

  • my wake up call
  • seeing the eclipse
  • morning bath xD
  • meetin the sirs
  • finally gettin a room
  • a tiny li'l fite
  • reconciliation

wel thts it.. n no it wasnt today.. this one shud hav been posted on 22nd :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

What ever this .... (wait til i come up with an appropriate word) was, i hope the effing directors and producers and the rest of the bunch can come up with something better next time... but then I'm not takin watevr they've managed to make away from them (after all, who would want to!) cuz it was a fucking huge book, and this is what happens whn u try fit it into a 2 hr movie... more on this later :D
The worst part abt it is that its rated higher than my fav movie so far in the series.. i doubt u can gues it though.. no not the 3rd one.. its the 5th :P

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An interesting article indeed.. but then there are so many of these out there you never know wats true n wats cooking :D was wonderin if i shud remove the logo and stuff, but i gues its fine this way :D :P

How to Improve Your IQ

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It basically measures your intelligence - in other words, how smart you are. There are several types of intelligence; not just your typical school/education related material. While IQ is generally thought to be innate, there are things you can do that may improve your IQ score.


  1. Read! Read and read some more! Yes, this is first because in order to improve your IQ you must read. But before you reach out for that worn out paperback (a story you've read a million times) read a new book, a book from a completely different genre than what you're used to. You usually read mystery? Good, now, go ahead and read some comedy. Only fiction? Go grab a biography. Read everything and anything (this includes articles, news stories, and magazines.)
  2. Drop your stereotypes about learning. For example, do away with the idea that old dogs can't learn new tricks. Sure, it will likely take more time to learn when you are older, but that is no reason to stop learning.
  3. Try writing with your opposite hand. Some people claim that if you write with your opposite hand then your IQ goes up, because your brain is not used to writing with that other hand and is forced to work harder. However, if you're ambidextrous, that's great. Try writing with both hands at once, and try writing different things with different hands at once. You can also try using different hand for using the mouse. Doing that will stimulate the other side of your brain to work.
  4. Remember the motto: Write, don't type. Thinking about emailing your aunt that thank-you note? Forget it, write it out by hand instead. This will increase your writing speed, which is useful in any case. Besides, typing will only use your left hand 56% of the time... when using both hands, at least.
  5. Play video games. However, attempt to play a game that is out of your usual range of choices. It will help you think differently. Look for games that provide you with problems to solve or force you to think quickly.

    • Scientific studies have shown that playing the popular game Tetris leads to more efficient brain activity; as players become more proficient at the game, their brains show a reduced consumption of glucose (the body's main fuel). This intense scientific study supports this theory. - Actually the conclusions of this study point out that glucose consumption is reduced when learning has taken place. This would be expected as when a person becomes more proficient in any activity, the effort required decreases.

  6. Work on cryptology. This is when a message is written in codes and you try to figure it out. It's challenging for some, but after a while may even become enjoyable.
  7. Practice crosswords and sudoku. These activities stimulate your mind and thought processes. People normally don't consider word searches thought-provoking, but if practiced in addition to other mind games, they could prove to be easy and stimulating.
  8. Do logic and lateral thinking puzzles. These help your brain think outside the box and solve problems in different ways.
  9. Take a weekly IQ test and record your results. If you would like to view your improvements, consider placing the results on a line graph using excel or another graph-compatible program.(See external links for a free, tested online IQ test).
  10. Listen to classical music. The Mozart effect suggests that by listening to classical music, a short-term improvement is induced on the performance of certain tasks. Gradually, this may have a somewhat long-term effect.
  11. Google Eureka Method, be patient... most over all have fun with it ! Good luck !


  • Eat brain food. Fish is one but avoid those -such as Tuna ( a'bottom feeder' and which also lives to old ages)is not recommended, as it contains a high amount of mercury. Also try an Omega 3 or fish oil supplement.
  • Exercise. This increases blood flow to the brain-resulting also in increased thought/memory.
  • Forget. Yes-you read that right. You need to get rid of unnecessary info in your brain sometimes to make room. This is also where sleeping comes in handy. Forget the day and rest your brain.
  • Practice doing a Rubik's Cube. Yes, this WILL increase your IQ.
  • Play games like chess and crossword puzzles. They help you to think and it can be fun at the same time.
  • Take nice, slow deep breaths when you are in thought.
  • Also no thinking about things too hard.
  • Do cardiovascular exercise and cut down on fatty foods to circulate the blood flow to your brain.


  • Don't ever think that there isn't a way to remember something. We have a lot to work with. Not only that, but there are several types of memory aid techniques and strategies.

  Sources and Citations

Article provided by wikiHow, a wiki how-to manual. Please edit this article and find author credits at the original wikiHow article on How to Improve Your IQ. All content on wikiHow can be shared under a Creative Commons license.

Snakes for Snacks :D

some day whn i get bored i gotta write up all these one sentence blog entires.. fill it up with what i still rememer... lol

n yeah.. its time i make a quick meal out of python.. its been too boring the last few days... but first, Van Wilder :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


shud i go meet suha again?! i wonder.. she'l be at home alone today evening.. lets see :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two Crazy days..

Top secret.. im not telling ya :P