Monday, October 1, 2007

Starting and Completing Anything

Hey guys...

I've always wanted to create my own website, and thought it so easy to do so... till I started making one about a year back. Can you believe it! I gave up on the idea after trying it for a week. But now, I've started with a concrete effort to make one again... and this time, I've laid out plans and stuff to make the site.
From this, I come to what my first blog entry is all about... It's something I've learned from personal experience... It's all about starting something new... and taking it to completion!!
Have you ever felt really motivated to do something on a particular day, and the lost out interest as the days pass by? Well, that's something that happens to all of us! All the feeling we had just disappears, and we start feeling that there is no point in doing the thing after all... Even i felt this way when I first attempted to create my website, now the things are different .

Here are some of the things that have changed since the last time, and could help you too:

  • One of the first things I believe is different is that you should a concrete plan. The planning has brought a feeling of having a target into my mind.
  • The other thing is what I learned from a book... Its about imagining the amount of satisfaction and happiness you'll feel when you've finally completed the project, which will really drive you on to finish the task at hand.
  • A lesser noticed thing would be the amount of support you get from your friends. I'm saying it's less noticed because when a guy says there is no point making the website, you may consciously ignore him, but your unconscious mind sometimes starts doubting you... So you need to know this can happen, and be ready for it...
  • Be punctual with your work and create deadlines. It makes you work harder because its just basic human reaction to deadlines... But don't push yourself! Commit to performing the task for a certain time period rather than until completion.
  • Start noting down what all you've completed! It will give you a lot of confidence when you feel that you've done things...
  • Breaking down the task at hand into smaller tasks helps in making you believe you can do it!
  • Reward yourself for working on the project by creating incentives. Promise yourself recreation time or a special treat after working on the project or reaching a milestone.
  • Avoid procrastination... Here's why
Well, that's a lot for now, or maybe not.. But that's all I can think of for the moment... Try following these simple things to feel much better about the tasks at hand...